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What does it mean to be a "Conservative?"

 Many in our Republican party call themselves conservative, but are they truly conservative?


Being conservative means having a small/less intrusive Government, being pro-constitution, pro-2nd Amendment, for religious freedoms, & fiscally responsible.


Many of the problems we have today stem from the last 30 years. There is no balanced budget today, as we currently sit at $31 Trillion in debt. Drugs are overrunning our Country, and we have a broken immigration system while our party discusses pre-COVID spending. So, what does that mean?


It means the Republican Party will keep spending money we don't have, resulting in more debt. If we are for keeping the Government out of our lives, why are we passing legislation keeping men out of women's sports? Let the American people fix this problem. We don't need Government to tell us what is wrong.


We know what's right and wrong.


Ronald Reagan said, "The government isn't the solution to our problems; government is the problem."


Do you want a real conservative or someone who speaks out of both sides of their mouth? Our "professional politicians" haven't done the job we sent them to do since I was a kid. If you elect me, I will hold this party accountable because if we fix ourselves, the Country will follow.


To the people of District 3, we must get out of the car's back seat and get back in the driver's seat. We cannot do this without the District sitting in the car's rear seat.


The number one issue in District 3 is inflation and the cost of literally everything. Right behind that is the people's distrust of our Government. As a member of Congress, I will focus on being there for the District.


When you contact your representative, they should call you back. Sometimes, that is unrealistic, depending on the number of daily calls they get. Still, the majority should get a call back from the elected official, not some unelected staff member.


I will also work to assemble all of our state representatives that operate out of District 3 along with our 2 Senators and collaborate on what we can do together to help the people of District 3 best. This should be happening at least every six months.


Rhetoric/Tone in DC is a top priority for me. Fixing this has to start with the freshmen members. I will immediately form relationships and learn about each other. Have breakfast or lunch monthly and work to maintain those relationships. Finally, promote this practice with future members. I want District 3 not simply to follow the herd but to lead!

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