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Mike Felker For Congress
Running For The Republican Party




I'm a family man

I'm blue-collar.
I'm a soldier.
I'm a Christian.
I'm pro 2nd Amendment
I believe in the Constitution

I'm Mike Felker. I'm running for Congress in Indiana's Third District-and you've never heard of me…yet.


Like most politicians running for office in their first terms, I want to tell why I'm running, what I care about, and how I'm not a politician.


But you've heard all of that before.


You've heard the candidate bury his opponent in every ad. You've listened to the candidate talk about their credentials and beliefs while smiling beside their family. You've heard them talk a big game while leaving out all the critical details.


I'm not going to do that.



I Served In The
Military For 20 Years.
And Now I'm Being
Called To Serve Again.


We've Got Issues.
Get To Know What I Stand For, And What I Plan To Do.

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I'm running for Congress to lead the change in this District, State, and Country.

"I Pray To God, What Can I Do To Help Bring Our Country Back?"

"I Am Being Called To Serve Again"

"I'm Not Your Typical Politician. I Am One Of You."

The Government last worked for the American people over 25 years ago. I believe they think "We the people" work for them. I watch the news and see what's happening to this Country. I lose sleep over it but then go back to doing whatever I was doing, feeling that we, the people," have no control over what our elected members are doing.


I pray and ask God, "What can I do to help bring our country back"? I see our leaders from both parties fighting and not working for America and only working for themselves. I know the debt is spiraling out of control, and I wonder why the Government is spending our children's futures when they haven't even worked their first job. We call ourselves conservative, yet we do the opposite of what we say. I served 20 years in the ARNG and spent two tours in Iraq, and I tell myself that "I" didn't serve this Country to see it fall.


I am tired of complaining and doing nothing; I am being called to serve again. Henry Ford once said, "What's right about America is though we have a mess of problems, we have great capacity, intellect, and resources to do something about them."


District 3 has an abundance of these three things, and it's beyond time to elect someone who will use them to better the District and Country. I am driven, ambitious, and tireless. I don't quit or accept failure. I am willing to take risks, willing to learn, and always ready for a challenge.


I'm not one of them; I am one of you. Admittedly I'm not well connected or have thousands of dollars donated to my campaign from my wealthy donor friends. I am the guy who is done talking and ready to lead and work for you. It's time to do it differently, District 3. Elect a Blue-Collar combat veteran prepared to spend real time working and knowing the pulse of the people of this District.


Elect Mike Felker and bring energy and sanity to America.

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